99 NFT Chatex Robots

We are the artists who created the Chatex robot, revived it, and endowed it with different qualities and through digital art. We, the people, are all unique, that’s why we decided to create a world of completely different and unique Chatex robots that form a family.

The world of Chatex robots echoes our real world. Via representing the various archetypes of robots, we pursue the goal to show everyone that he or she must never shy away from the uniqueness programmed by nature. We are here, our Chatex robots are here to support non-standard ideas.

Our robot exists through gender, time, space, and it does not show the dominance of some ideas over others but declares: “It is normal to be abnormal”.

We feel free while experimenting with materials, textures, and displays. The essence of the project can be explained in the following manner: to create the whole meta-universe, where every robot will surf on the current wave of sufficient and sound social issues, global events, and local achievements in our real world, sometimes serious, and sometimes purely fun. By creating new images and characters, we are about to constantly replenish our meta-universe.

In other words, each robot will imply a signal of a specific event in the past, present, or even future. All together, Chatex robots exist in a family consisted of human beings as well, with both common and different views of the world and reality but, at the same time, seeking one simple idea: to live brightly and diversely, not to be afraid to be yourself, love and respect everyone in this world, carefully preserve all individualities.

Our brainchild bridges the gap between people and “online” souls. Or, to be exact, we infuse ours to let Chatex robots tell our descendants about mankind.

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