99 NFT ROBOTS: The Terms of the Challenge

99 NFT Chatex Robots

On April 21, 2021, the Chatex association of artists launched a one-of-a-kind 99 NFT ROBOTS CHALLENGE with the main prize of the TESLA Model S electric car for NFT owners. 

The essence of the challenge is simple: a unique set of tokens from the ever-expanding meta-universe of Chatex will be posted daily during 99 days in a row on the Rarible. Each set will consist of a different number of copies — from 9 to 99. 

Grand Prize — the New Tesla Model S

The last drop will be published on July 29, 2021. After that, the Tesla Model S electric car will be raffled among all buyers who have (at the time of summarising on September 9, 2021) at least 1 copy of 99 NFT ROBOTS.

The more robots the participant acquires, the more often his or her name appears in the final sample of participants. Simply put, the more robots the user purchases, the better his chances to win. One robot implies one mention in the sample, two robots — two mentions, and so on. The maximum number of robots purchased is limited only by the offer. 

How to buy NFT with Chatex?

Prizes for collectors

There are separate unique prizes for the owners of the entire collection, which will never be sold or distributed in any other way. Only 9 people in the world can get a full collection of 99 NFT Robots. Each of these 9 users will receive the rarest and most legendary NFT that will include all 99 robots in itself shown one after another.

If the user has purchased 9 different copies, 1 copy more will be given free of charge. All one has to do is to join the Telegram chat and provide the administrator with the proof of purchase of the robot. 

Terms of participation

  1. Buy any NFT by [chatex • · • robots] at rarible.com/chatexrobots;
  2. Apply for participation in the draw: through the form on the website or in a private Telegram chat;
  3. Follow our Twitter account [chatex • · • robots]: https://twitter.com/chatex_robots;
  4. Follow our Instagram account [chatex • · • robots]: instagram.com/chatexrobots;

Pricing policy

Chatex Robots’ pricing will range from 0.099 ETH to 0.999 ETH. The price and number of copies in the drop are published exactly on the day of the drop. The first 11 robots will be offered at the lowest price, but they will be the rarest and most valuable ones. In the future, the cost of a copy will vary depending on its uniqueness.

All robots in the collection are different but with a single geometry of shapes. They exist through gender, time, and space. They all have unique and special materials, textures, and appearance. 


The winner will be determined by a randomizer during a stream on the Chatex YouTube channel that will be held on September 9, 2021. During the stream, the winner is checked for compliance with all the terms of participation above. If he or she fails, the randomizer is restarted until a valid 99 NFT ROBOTS CHALLENGE winner is found.

To not miss additional raffles and important news from the creators, follow our social networks, which are listed above, and join the 99 NFT ROBOTS Telegram chat.

About Chatex

The Chatex team of artists knows exactly how to stand out in the new digital art market. We are professionals in the field of financial and cryptographic technologies, who were at the origins of the cryptocurrency exchange Chatex. The exchange has already earned a name thanks to its unique brand style, the mascot of the Chatex robot, which has already received great feedback from the crypto community. 

The Сhatex team has managed to create one of the largest p2p platforms on Telegram for cryptocurrency trading, a multi-currency wallet for 11 cryptocurrencies, an efficient Chatex Pay payment system and the system of deposits.

In just one year of productive work, the team of marketers, together with the support of artists and designers, was able to create a loyal community of almost 300,000 users from all over the world. Chatex has already established itself as a reliable and catchy name in the CIS countries. We have successfully entered the market of India and Turkey at the end of 2020, and are now planning a large-scale campaign in Latin America.

We know our price and the price for our efforts. The NFT market is a new challenge for the Chatex team, our chance to find more like-minded crypto enthusiasts, fintech artists, and fans of high technologies from around the world. We are ready to constantly develop our meta-universe by creating new and multifaceted robots. We are also open to collaboration with other artists and collectors.

Looking forward to your participation in the 99 NFT ROBOTS CHALLENGE! Are you with us?

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