Sell cryptocurrency through Sberbank

The sale of cryptocurrency through Sberbank is one of the most popular financial transactions related to virtual means of payment. At least, if we talk about the activities carried out on the territory of our country. The reason for this is quite simple. Every citizen who has an account in the main banking institution of the Russian Federation will be able to sell cryptocurrency through Sberbank.

All you need to do to be able to use the services of Sberbank Online is to issue a bank card. With this card, you can top up your Chatex wallet, buy bitcoin or any other virtual currency at the most favorable exchange rate, then sell the cryptocurrency through Sberbank and receive funds in rubles or dollars to your bank account.

Using Chatex is easy. First, we have prepared for you a detailed description of all the necessary actions. Even a beginner in the field of buying and selling virtual currency can understand our step-by-step instructions.

Secondly, do not forget that all operations are carried out in the well — known Telegram messenger in semi-automatic mode-the main work will be done for you by the virtual chat bot Chatex.

With the help of our service, it will not be difficult to sell cryptocurrency through Sberbank. Especially if you perform at least a few operations. Each subsequent one will take place in an even faster mode, with a guarantee of complete security of the financial processes carried out.