With Chatex, you can not only safely buy, sell, store and transfer cryptocurrencies, but also make money with it. Cryptocurrency today is a powerful tool for investing and generating additional passive income.

In total, there are two options for making money on cryptocurrency assets.

  • In the first case, you can provide yourself with passive income by long-term investments in those cryptocurrencies that promise growth in the future. In March 2020, the price of Bitcoin hovered around $ 5000- $ 8000. And in February 2021, it showed its all-time high of $ 57,728. That is, in less than one year, the price of the cryptocurrency has grown more than 7 times. And those people who invested in Bitcoin a year ago have 7 times more money in their wallet.
  • In addition to Bitcoin, there are also other cryptocurrencies that bring income to their owners through their growth. You can read about them in the article titled – Why is it profitable to invest in altcoins?

The second way is to make money on trading. Its essence is that you buy and sell cryptocurrency earning money from the fluctuation (volatility) of its price. Such fluctuations can go up to 20% in one day.

To become a trader you need:

  • get acquainted with the market and its rules by studying the educational materials in our section “Piggy bank of knowledge”;
  • many cryptocurrency owners immediately place their first offer on the Chatex trading platform;
  • read our posts in a magazine about investing. Explore publications with our community group;
  • listen to the advice of our experienced traders in their weekly TG group reviews, video tutorials on YouTube.

Thus, you can take a favorable position in the market and start earning large sums of money.

Why should you choose Chatex for investment and trading?

  • The entire Chatex system is built in Telegram, which provides maximum convenience and additional protection in regard to two-factor authentication in the messenger.
  • Our service works according to the P2P trading scheme with connection to large exchanges.
  • A simple and intuitive interface will help you quickly understand the work of the system and start earning
  • The platform is used by hundreds of traders who are ready to buy and sell every day.
  • Your funds will be stored in the most secure crypto wallet BitGo.
  • Chatex focuses on the speed of your transactions and round-the-clock support for each user, which will allow you to instantly conclude profitable deals and protect your funds from fraudsters.
  • Ability to work with Chatex via API
  • Cryptocurrencies have a strong financial market that is strengthening its police force every day and becoming more and more popular. Electronic money is our future. Register with Chatex at the link below to be one of the first to become a part of the new world of cryptocurrencies and start making money with it.


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