Referral program

Chatex offers you an opportunity to maintain your passive income flow and put your friends on the crypto-track by participating in Referral Program. With each referral invited, you will receive the following rewards:

30% commission from the transaction of the referral who responded to the ad;
20% commission from the transaction of the referral who owns the ad.
If your friends become inspired and participate in the transaction on both sides, then you will receive hefty 30 + 20 = 50%.

30% of the commission from other Chatex services. For example, adding funds to the Wallet through VISA/MC in [Wallet] => [Buy with a bank card]

Chatex Referral program also offers a three-level model, which implies the following referral rewards:
• 45% commission from the transaction of your friend invited;
• 35% commission from the transaction of those invited by your friend;
• 20% commission from the transaction of referrals who were invited via referral link sent by your friend’s referral.

Referral program is invalid only for the cryptocurrency withdrawal commission.

To invite friends, you should be registered with the bot. After that, you will receive a unique link with a special code. By clicking on it your would-be referral will log into Chatex and will be able to register with the system. Thanks to a special code encrypted in your link, the program will identify that this particular user is your referral.

You can use the Chatex registration link in personal newsletters, advertising posts, personal posts in social networks and advertising on websites with high traffic, where you can buy or sell something with electronic money or crypto.

For us, the Referral Program is a key instrument that helps us broaden our user base. For you, it is a unique chance to earn income and involve friends into the crypto world.
More detailed information on Chatex Referral Program: [Wallet] => [Referral]

Unique offer for webmasters and bloggers

If you have a large audience or sources of relevant traffic, then you can get additional 20% bonus.

Total maximum referral percentage for you will be 30+20=50%.

Such applications are considered on an individual basis.