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Affiliate program

Why Chatex?

Chatex has an affiliate program. The affiliate program is a profitable passive reward system. Our partners have the opportunity to receive passive income by inviting subscribers to the bot. Under this program, a partner receives 50% of the fees charged for both trades and withdrawals by a user he or she has invited to Chatex.

How it works?

For instance, a partner invites a hypothetical John. John sells 0,1 BTC. The fee charged is 0,7%. This means that the Partner earns 0,00035 BTC (0,1*0,007*0,5).

If John decides to withdraw the same amount, the partner will receive 0,000075 BTC (0,00015 * 0,5) or 0,0002 BTC (0,0004*0,5), depending on the type of withdrawal (regular or fast).

In addition, the partner will earn income based on John’s transactions performed within the next 3 months after his registration in Chatex. Moreover, the time limit can be increased depending on your efforts!


It’s not difficult to calculate: if you invite 1000 users who will work in Chatex, like the hypothetical John, then you can get 0.7 BTC of passive income.

In order to participate in the Chatex affiliate system, contact us at, send a request and tell us about your priorities.

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