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TRC-20 is already in Chatex

Chatex completed all the Tron updates, which means that TRC-20 based USDT is eventually available in the Chatex bot. New technical standard makes deposit and withdrawal processes with external addresses much easier. Withdrawal fee will be just 0,5 USDT. In order to deposit or withdraw coins, use the new Tron addresses, which are applicable for Tron and USDT. And they are already available in your wallets.

About TRC-20

The TRC-20 technical standard is similar to the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum. The release of Tether on Tron pursued the goal of developing the dApps ecosystem on Tron. In order to make transactions for our users simpler and provide them with an ability to proceed high-frequency transactions with small amounts, Chatex implemented TRC-20.


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