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TON Blockchain: Chatex Now Supports Test Gram Tokens

Having raised $1.7 billion from big-name investors during its ICO, the world’s most secure messenger Telegram is now on its way to launch the mainnet of its proof-of-stake protocol-based Telegram Open Network (TON). 

Telegram has recently claimed that before the coins are sent out, a test version of the Gram network will be released for developers and enthusiasts alike. 

And they didn’t lie. In early September, the project released node instructions and a basic block explorer for the testnet. On October 8, 2019, the first version of terms of service (ToS) was published. According to the rules, the Telegram-based wallet will be available as a standalone application. Additionally, Telegram unveiled the provider of the wallet, the London-based Telegram FZ-LLC. It is well-known as an official publisher of the Android-based Telegram app. 

Speaking of the Telegram policy, the company also notes that it won’t control the processing and verification of transactions: 

“The transactions you submit via the Services may not be completed or may be substantially delayed by the TON Blockchain. We have no control over the TON Blockchain and do not have the ability to facilitate any cancellation or modification requests to transactions you have submitted. A fee may be imposed on your transaction by the TON Blockchain. We have no control over the amount or type of such fees.”

On the same day when the ToS was published, Chatex announced the integration of the test Telegram cryptocurrency Gram. It allows users registered with the bot to explore the way tokens are transferred and received. Chatex granted access to the Gram crane on Telegram and offered its users to get Grams via the vouchering system.    

According to the existing agreements with TON investors and emails with links to the TON’s key generator sent by the project team on October 2, the community should expect the launch of mainnet no later than October 31. 

Chatex will integrate the main version of the Gram tokens immediately after its official release. 

Speaking of the rivalry between messengers breaking into the crypto world, Facebook is now also in the crosshairs with its Libra cryptocurrency. Although, when compared to Gram, Facebook’s stablecoin looks controversial, amid widespread backlash from regulators worldwide.