“Love, NFT, Robots: Chatex on creating 99 NFT Robots Challenge”

Leonid Bugaev, Vice President for Communications at Chatex in the panel discussion “NFT & DeFi. How to develop New business ideas in the existing market? ” at the CIPR-2021 conference, spoke about the experience of Chatex in the development of digital art, and also shared his vision of the development of the NFT market in general.

Chatex strives to develop all areas of the crypto industry. The NFT market is no exception. This is why Chatex launched 99 NFT Robots Challenge. “Chatex Robot is the image of a friendly robot. Each human has his own. They are all different, but with the same geometry of shapes. Our robot exists outside of gender, outside of time and space, it does not show the superiority of some ideas over others, but declares: “it is normal to be abnormal.”

According to the speaker, Chatex Robots is a real family. It has both general and individual views. Nevertheless, each member of this family is united by a simple idea: to live brightly and not be ashamed of being yourself, as well as to respect everyone and preserve their individuality.

The main advantage of 99 NFT Chatex Robots is variety. “We are not limited to one style, genre or concept. Among our robots there are specimen made in 2D and 3D. Moreover, the stylistic techniques of each robot themselves consist of different techniques, complementing each other and remaining unique in performance, technique and, above all, in idea”, explained Leonid Bugaev.

Also, according to VP for Chatex Communications, the creation of NFT demonstrates the creative dynamics of the artist in the format of the latest trends. And for collectors, buying a cryptoart can be a safe investment in future financial stability. “The liquidity of the created works will grow, since Chatex is a reliable company aimed at the long-term development of this direction, we are looking for options for cooperation with different brands, artists and media personalities. Our work will not be limited to a series of robots. In the future, we want to implement various manifestations of modern graphic trends, reflecting the diversity of what is happening in our society, ”he added.

The Chatex speaker also talked about the company’s main product – the Chatex cryptocurrency exchange, one of the most popular digital currency exchanges based on the Telegram messenger with more than 300,000 users. Chatex has a very involved community and a personalized approach to working with its target audience.

You can learn more about the 99 NFT Chatex Robots project by clicking on the link.

About Disartive:

Disartive, the largest digital art fair in Eastern Europe, was held from 23 to 25 June as part of the CIPR-2021 conference in an offline format.

The technology sector was represented by the leaders of the blockchain and DeFi market: founder of the Disartive fair and the Foundation for the Development of Cultural Property with NFT, RASSVET Olga Dvoretskaya, Vice President of Communications at Chatex Leonid Bugaev, co-founder of BEREZKA DAO Roman Kaufman, Ilya Popov, founder of Riki Group, Denis Smirnov (blockchain evangelist). Olga Piven (co-founder of CIPR) and Olga Dvoretskaya moderated the event.


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