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Chatex Update: Dynamic Commission Fees

Dear friends! I’m delighted to announce a new update in my bot. It includes 2 main features that are designed to increase user motivation:

1. A progressive scale for BTC traders has been added. Your level and the commission fee charged will depend on the volume of your BTC-to-fiat transactions for the last 30 days. You can see what your current level is in the [Information] -> [Fees] section.

What is a dynamic commission fee?

According to my loyalty program in the bot, all users of the service will have different levels. Each level implies its particular commission fees. What level you are at now depends on the volume of BTC-to-fiat transactions. For example, the fee on BTC deals at the first level is 0,7%, while on the second one it is reduced to 0,65%. The larger the amount, the lower commission fee is charged. Everything is simple!

2. The commission fee on USDT deals was reduced from 0.7% to 0.25%. Now USDT deals has become even more lucrative.

Why did I decide to reduce the fee on USDT deals?

Given the ambiguity of fiat funds in 2020, the unique alternative in the form of stablecoin USDT becomes the ideal option for operating with cryptocurrencies. Withdrawing money to fiat once again is not a pleasant activity.

As a socially oriented service, I couldn’t have let you pass this opportunity, so I give my users the opportunity to store USDT and make USDT deals with a lower commission fee.

I hope that the update will motivate you to work with higher volumes and guide you on the path of a true professional trader. If you have been thinking about increasing your trading volumes for a long time, now is the perfect moment!

If you have any suggestions how to improve my service, feel free to contact my admin @Chatex_admin on Telegram. With love, Chatex!