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Chatex to Partner with Kuna Exchange: Integration Guide and Benefits for Users

Recently, Chatex has announced a new cooperation with the Kuna Exchange within its Chatex OTC Integrator Program. Today, users of both Kuna and Chatex can always be guaranteed to make profits thanks to the partnership. In this article, we’ll tell you how it works and how users can benefit from using the services. 

Partnership Details 

Kuna has become a pioneer of the Chatex OTC Integrator Program. According to the partnership, the Kuna exchange users can place ads on the Chatex p2p marketplace and attach the Kuna account via API without depositing anything to Chatex account. 


As we’ve already said above, the profits are guaranteed by saving your assets from crypto price volatility. That is how it can be reached: when a user creates an ad on Chatex with a floating price, for example, Kuna +3%, and the buyer responds to the ad, the transaction begins. That’s when Chatex automatically executes the order on the exchange in a real-time manner.

Thus, Bitcoin bought in the real-time mode at the market price saves the trader from the risks of loss and, in general, from the need to buy Bitcoins in advance.

Registration Guide 

To register with Kuna and set API settings, you should follow several simple steps:

  1. Create an account on Kuna. 
  2. Go to [Profile] => [Settings].
  3. Turn off the withdrawal email confirmation.
    it should look like this:

After that, be sure that your account has already been existing for at least 48 hours. Then, carry out the following:

  1. Go to the API section and click on “Create a new token”.

2. Type in “Chatex” as a label and agree that it can be used for both trades and withdrawals.

3. You got the public and secret keys. Save them to a secure storage and fill in the details in the Chatex bot: [Profile] => [API] => [Kuna]. 

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  1. Enjoy your deals! 

Noteworthy, Kuna has the limits according to which you will not be able to conduct a deal if the minimal amount indicated in your ad will be lower than Kuna’s:

Cryptocurrency  Accepted minimum 
Bitcoin 0.001 (9$)
Bitcoin Cash 0.001 (0.3$)
Dash 0.01 (0.7$)
Ethereum 0.01 (2$)
Litecoin 0.001 (0.1$)
Stellar 1 (0.1$)
Ripple 1 (0.3$)
Zcash 0.001 (0.1$)

The minimum balance, kept in the wallet at the moment of conducting a payment, should be equivalent to 10 USDT (10$). Keep in mind the fact that there’s also a 0.25% commission fee on trading charged from the seller and the buyer. 

In the end 

We at Chatex are here not for huge profits. We love being altruistic. We do take into account the interests of all our users, both sellers and buyers. By combining our customer bases, we will enable Kuna customers to use Chatex to sell cryptocurrencies with minimal risk, which, in turn, will make the final price cheaper for buyers. The partnership between Chatex and Kuna brings reliability to the market and helps avoid losses related to volatility.

We are ones who make cryptocurrency a speculative instrument not by nature but by yourselves. That’s when the true profit comes.