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Chatex Helps Free TON Community Grow in India

The partnership between Chatex and Free TON is getting stronger every day. Recently, Vlada Krivtsova, head of Chatex development in India, became a member of FreeTON Sub-Governance in India, which once again confirms the fruitfulness of our cooperation.

Today, both teams are actively exploring the Indian market, wishing to bring the values ​​of decentralized and independent financial services to it. Indian Sub-Governance represents the interests of the Indian Free TON community and promotes the use of the TON blockchain in India. Their tasks are the development of the infrastructure of the project in India, the management of the local community and its content. Vlada has been exploring this market with Chatex for a long time, so her experience and knowledge will help to realize the goals of Free TON, more effectively bring a new product to the market and attract new people to the community.

The TON blockchain is considered the legacy of Pavel Durov, the creator of the Telegram messenger, and in part it is. However, after the sanctions imposed by the United States, Pavel stopped taking part in the development of the network, and as a result, it was launched by the independent association TON Labs in 2020 based on the Telegram Open Network.

Free TON has become an innovative project with built-in scalability capabilities: the network has the highest performance and transaction speed. The community aims to create a completely decentralized and very simple blockchain with its own smart contracts and DeFi application system. The connection of the TON Crystal cryptocurrency with Ethereum assumes a fast and cheap exchange of tokens that will be available to everyone.

A special advantage of the network is the two-tier control system. The first level consists of the founders of the project or Governance, who are engaged in the development of software, and the second is a set of independent groups or Sub-governance, which develop a variety of areas of the project.

Chatex became one of the first official partners of Free TON. Our goals and views on the financial system of the future are very similar: we share the desire of the community to create a free, functional and understandable financial instrument for everyone. Our service is a place where you can purchase TON Crystal with a minimum commission, and get a reliably protected crypto wallet with an intuitive interface, constant support and a community of users who create a new banking system of the future: with fast transactions, a chatbot conveniently built right into Telegram and  an independent payment system.