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Chatex and the EXMO Exchange: The Integration Guide

I’m proud to announce a new partnership with my good friend EXMO exchange! Today we will talk about the integration and explain how to set the API and attach your exchange wallet to the Chatex bot.

Integration Guide

To register with EXMO and configure the API, follow these simple steps:

1. Create an account on the exchange.

2. Pass the verification procedure (all you need is a passport photo).

3. Contact the Support Team to enable the extended API (EXCODE API and WITHDRAW API) in your account.


I have attached the screenshot of the correctly executed request for an API below:

After enabling the extended API, generate the key:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Go to the section “API key settings.”
  • Click on the “Generate API key” button.
  • Enter “Chatex” in the name field.
  • Copy the public and private keys and enter the information in the Chatex bot: [Profile] => [API Keys] => [EXMO].


It should be noted that EXMO has its own limits. According to them, you will not be able to carry out transactions if the minimum amount indicated in your ad is lower than EXMO’s:

The minimum balance of the wallet at the time of payment must be equal to 1 USDT ($ 1). The seller and the buyer are charged a trading commission fee of 0.2%.

I hope that my guide will help you be ready to connect your EXMO wallet to Chatex and start making profits with no risks of volatility losses! If you have any questions, feel free to contact my Support Team (Information => Support) or admins in my English Telegram chat!


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