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Chatex 3.3: What’s new?

Trading on Chatex has become even easier and more accessible. We have added several useful features to the interface and functionality of the bot:

  • A final deal card has been added. Available after the deal is finished.
  • The ad owner now can contact the person who responded to the ad before accepting the transaction.
  • A column with a payment system has been added to the transaction report.
  • The availability of canceling the transaction for the fiat owner after clicking on the “Payment is complete” button.
  • The system warns the buyer 10 minutes before the end of the transaction.
  • A sign “ᶜ” has been added near the crypto names in the currency lists. It has become clearer for the newcomers to distinguish fiat from cryptocurrencies. 
  • Currencies/tokens has been sorted according to certain parameters.
  • The “Hide All”/“Show All” buttons apply to the current filter.

Have you found a bug or vulnerability? If you have any suggestions for improving the quality of Chatex services, feel free to contact my Support Team right in the bot: [Information] —> [Support].

Check out our Changelog

With love, Chatex!