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Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 22, crypto holders celebrate a special day in the history of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Pizza Day. On this day in 2010, programmer Laszlo Heinitz bought a regular pizza, not giving a clue that this would be the reason for the annual celebration.

11 years ago in Las Vegas, Laszlo bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins — a cryptocurrency unknown to anyone at that time. On that day, at the exchange rate, he paid about $ 40. Today, that amount of coins would be equivalent to nearly $4.5 million.

Was it really possible to make a purchase with bitcoins in 2010? Of course not. Laszlo really wanted to spend his bitcoins and wrote this proposal on the forum: he will give 10,000 BTC to someone who orders him a pizza for fiat money. A few days later, one of the users agreed and actually ordered a pizza for Laszlo. By the way, the identity of the respondent remains unknown to this day.

This was the first moment in history when a person was able to pay with cryptocurrency for a real physical product. And considering how much the bitcoin rate has grown today, buying a pizza for 10,000 is really the biggest nonsense of the 21st century.

Now the 22nd of May has become a holiday, when programmers and miners are thinking how many pizzas they can buy for that amount now. And they eat pizza, of course.

In honor of the holiday, many companies offer their customers the difference discounts, gifts and contests that are held on Twitter under the hashtag #BitcoinPizzaDay.  Usually contests are associated with buying pizza for BTC, for example, some pizzerias offer discounts for paying with bitcoins. It’s interesting how much pepperoni can be ordered in the amount of 10,000 bitcoins 5 years later?

Chatex celebrates pizza day with two things. Festive raffle of pizza for bitcoins in our official Chatex chat, and with the launch of a new NFT robot in collaboration with «Dodo Pizza» and artist Faraday ( Take a look at a piece of the holiday with our NFT Chatex Robots! Subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram to always be aware of the news from the crypto world.