Bitcoin in Culture and Cinematography

Cryptocurrency was a strange and incomprehensible phenomenon, which was treated with derision. Now the cryptocurrency market is growing, investors are paying more and more attention to it and companies are investing millions of dollars in bitcoin. The popularity of digital assets was not avoided by mainstream culture either.

Cryptocurrency in the cinema

In February 2020, the series “Frinkcoin” of “The Simpsons” was released. It was devoted to the principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain functioning. And this is not the only case: the topic of crypto is also mentioned in various full-screen movies, some of which are entirely dedicated to Bitcoin (“Banking on Bitcoin“, “Rise and Rise of Bitcoin“, “Crypto“, etc.)

TV shows also make a significant contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrencies. For instance, the 2016 series “StartUp” is dedicated to cryptocurrency. Its main goal is to give people knowledge about this. Also, cryptocurrency was mentioned in such famous projects as “Mr. Robot“, “The Big Bang Theory” and “Silicon Valley“.

Series on the blockchain and movies in the form of NFT

Dan Harmon, director of “Rіck and Morty”, announced the creation of a new animated series “Krapopolis”, which will be entirely based on blockchain: from production to advertising.  Аfter the release, project directors are going to launch the trade of NFT and other digital goods.

The trading platform for “Krapopolis” will be managed by Blockchain Creative Labs. This was announced by FOX. The animated series will be the first blockchain project in the film industry, but most likely, it will not be the last.

Also filmmaker Kevin Smith wants to sell his horror movie as NFT-art. The person who will purchase NFT will be able to rent it, resell or distribute it.  Kevin said that “NFT has potential” and that if the project succeeds, there could be a “new scene” for artists all around the globe.

The release date is still unknown.

NFT Chatex

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