Chatex Speeds Up Operations with TON Crystal

I have become even faster — my developers have not yet gone on a well-deserved Christmas break and improved the TON Crystal-related operations! Now depositing and withdrawing funds will take seconds (no more than 2 minutes in case of high network load). In addition, I began to support two types of TON Crystal addresses! And […]


Chatex Announces the Cashback Reward Program for Traders

Chatex finishes the year 2020 on a positive note. After the recent announcement about the cashback program for users, Chatex now expands it to traders.  According to the new program, those users, who actively trade on Chatex in the crypto-to-fiat format, can get the cashback to 1000 TON Crystal per month. The Chatex trader, who […]


Happy Birthday, Free TON!

The Free TON community has recently celebrated its anniversary. Exactly six month have passed since the community took up the development of Durov’s brainchild — the TON blockchain, which did not manage to get the green light from the US regulators. Now the Free TON community offers an alternative ecosystem for those users who came […]


Chatex and FREETONSHOP: Erasing the Boundaries Between Real and Virtual Worlds

Belongingness drives our hearts and unites people. Taking that into account, a month ago, the Free TON community, which continued to work on Durov’s cryptocurrency, announced a partnership with the FREETONSHOP Telegram bot. FREETONSHOP is a store where everybody can buy Free TON merch: T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, baseball caps and mugs. Freedom, simplicity, availability — […]


Chatex Launches a Long-Awaited Cashback System

The news you have been waiting for! I am now launching a cashback reward system for users! Now you will get 1 TON Crystal on your Chatex account after buying any cryptocurrency in the amount of $100 or more in the crypto-to-fiat format. Let me remind you that I had received 450,000 TON Crystal under […]


Cashback and Reward for Traders in TON Crystal — Coming Soon …

Last week I announced a partnership with the Free TON community according to which I received 450,000 TON Crystal coins. All the coins will be dedicated to the development of the TON community, in particular, they will be allocated for cashback programs and user rewards. Chatex will allocate 50 000 TON Crystal for the cashback […]

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