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About KokoSwap

KokoSwap is a unique platform which combines exciting and upcoming features of NFT trades and gaming with financial features of an exchange and staking. KokoSwap is a one-stop place for users to trade, invest, earn, play and win. Key features of the platform are NFTs, exchange, staking, fantasy arcade gaming.

The token traded on Uniswap



Introducing a hybrid of crypto and Mixed Martial Arts in which tokens for private events are sold using cryptocurrency. First successful story was a Social knockout event in Dubai.


KokoSwap NFT

Kokoswap’s invite-only exclusive NFT platform is in the perfect spot to become the marketplace of choosing for celebrities and supporters, while also providing a trusted environment for stars to debut in the NFT hype and elevate their brand, owing to our unrivaled international network. First NFT sold worth 252,800 EUR.

● Fans have a lot of visibility over their favorite stars’ activities in today’s positively contentious social media landscape, but interaction levels are incredibly limited. While the growing NFT space is making it easier for celebrities to create high-value digital representations of their work, the fan-celeb experiential narrative has yet to be properly addressed.

● KokoSwap redefines the criteria of fan engagement by facilitating fans to have their fandom reinforced, increasing access to authentic celebrity experiences, and providing a platform for NFT trading.



KokoStake is the staking platform of the KokoSwap ecosystem where the users can diversify their income stream by investing and staking their idle funds to get high returns. KokoStake lets the users stake Ether and KOKO tokens to earn high interest per annum and generate good passive income.



Our Celebrity NFT Platform, KokoAvatar, is a one-of-a-kind, invite-only celebrity NFT platform with famous celebrities from around the world. Celebrities will have the opportunity to create valuable digital assets for use on our platform.

● All users will be able to generate their own gorilla characters.

● Thousands of accessories, skins, and limited-edition merchandise will be minted as NFTs and made available for trading and auction to our fellow gorillas.

● Special NFT badges will be minted in addition to player customizations.

● These NFT badges will be inspired by the real Koko gorilla from The Gorilla Foundation in California, who learnt the gorilla sign language and could communicate with humans.

● 1000 badges will be produced to represent the 1000 different signs that Koko learnt.


KokoArcade is an addictive and interactive crypto gaming experience with the goal of creating a gaming marketplace where developers can upload HTML5, Flash, and WebGL Javascript web games and share them via the IPFS protocol.


KokoArcade’s games will be a mix of in-house and third-party developed games. Every time a user levels up, they will receive KOKO tokens as a reward. Game developers will be rewarded with 4% of the KOKO tokens used while playing the game.

Multiple users

KokoArcade will work in tandem with KokoAvatar and this combination will result in an exciting MMORPG platform for all gaming enthusiasts. KokoArcade will be the first of its kind virtual currency gaming platform, taking cryptocurrency gaming to a whole new level.


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What is the token ticker name?


What is the total supply of $KOKO tokens?

330,000,000 $KOKO

What is KOKO NFT marketplace?

It’s a decentralized NFT marketplace for Influencers & celebrities

Is Kokoswap Gaming platform is decentralized?


Can we play Kokoswap game in real time?

Yes, it’s a completely decentralized and real-time games.

Is Kokoswap staking is live?

Yes, you can stake you Uniswap LP’s token for Kokoswap staking.

Can I buy $KOKO with Card or Bank Transfer?

Yes, We have integrated Ramp network, where you buy Ethereum and then you can use below link to buy $KOKO from Ethereum.

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Download app for instant exchanges

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