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About KokoSwap

The KokoSwap ecosystem is a collection of entertainment and investment decentralized applications, which includes online games; creation, exchange, purchase, sale of NFT and staking. The KokoArcade gaming platform is a decentralized marketplace where users can download online games: billiards, tennis, football, cricket and many others. On the platform, users are able to buy NFTs (avatars and in-game items), participate in leagues, pay for participation with tokens and win them.
The NFT platform KokoAvatar aims to become a major player in the market for appearances, accessories, rare collectibles in online and MMORPG games. On the platform it will be possible to buy and exchange more than 5,000 different in-game items. KokoStake is a staking platform where users can deposit free funds in ETH or Koko in order to gain passive income. The token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. 0x7c3E3eAE4d893d11C61E74d5187C962Ba5744A3B

KokoSwap aims to be a trustworthy, completely decentralized protocol. In order to provide a true decentralized experience the platform should have shared community ownership and a robust governance system. Keeping this in mind, KOKO enlightens KokoSwap, making it a publicly owned and self-sufficient ecosystem that ensures smooth, secure and strong governance.

KOKO is a utility and governance token of the KokoSwap ecosystem having many use cases. KOKO tokens will be used across the ecosystem in KokoSwap, KokoStake, KokoAvatar, KokoArcade and KokoFantasy. The usage of KOKO across the ecosystem makes the token unique by giving it playful and valuable characteristics at the same time. There are several main features in Koko:

Koko ecosystem

KokoSwap ecosystem is a complete, entertaining and immersive collection of apps. Sign up and participate in the one-stop entertainment platform of the decentralized world. Key features of the platform are NFTs, exchange, staking, analytics, fantasy & arcade gaming.


KokoStake is the staking platform of the KokoSwap ecosystem where the users can diversify their income stream by investing and staking their idle funds to get high returns. KokoStake lets the users stake Ether or KOKO tokens to earn high interest per annum and generate good passive income.
*Minimum staking period is 1 year. The staking program will run for 2 years


Our NFT Platform, KokoAvatar, targets to hit the role playing games industry with NFTs. KokoAvatar is bringing the NFT experience to MMORPG gaming. Users can collect and trade upto 5000 accessories, skins and limited edition merchandise minted as NFT rare collectibles.


Our gaming platform, KokoArcade is a unique decentralized gaming marketplace where game developers upload fun games. Play decentralized pool, snooker, tennis, football, cricket and much more. Come and have a one of a kind, addictive, interactive crypto gaming experience.


KokoFantasy is a decentralized fantasy sports league platform for all the sports lovers. Play in fantasy sports leagues like footballl, cricket, basketball and american football. Get an opportunity to buy player cards using KOKO tokens before every matchday.


What is the token ticker name?


What is the total supply of $KOKO tokens?

330,000,000 $KOKO

What is KOKO NFT marketplace?

It’s a decentralized NFT marketplace for Influencers & celebrities

Is Kokoswap Gaming platform is decentralized?


Can we play Kokoswap game in real time?

Yes, it’s a completely decentralized and real-time games.

Is Kokoswap staking is live?

Yes, you can stake you Uniswap LP’s token for Kokoswap staking.

Can I buy $KOKO with Card or Bank Transfer?

Yes, We have integrated Ramp network, where you buy Ethereum and then you can use below link to buy $KOKO from Ethereum.

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