The “99 NFT Robots Challenge” has been finished

The 99 NFT Robots Challenge has been finished. During 99 days in a row, a team of artists have been releasing one unique cryptoart. 56 works were created jointly with artists from different parts of the world. Several collaborations were realized with world-class artists and musicians, including the art group AES + F, art group “Why”, Misha Most, famous harpist Alexander Boldachev, popular miniaturist Salavat Fidai, artist Artem Tkach, dryamvlad, Pixelord, eduard_ov , Denis Rossiev, Evgeny Zubkov (frm46), Asterrvn, Terekhov Kir, Nastya Taffi, Oleg Soroko, Moscow music label UFO, Rinatto͛ L’bank, Alex v0da, Alexander Bans, mishalibertee, syndicate art group, Egor Golopolosov, Riki’s company ( creators of “Kikoriki”). A creative team of 3D artists, graphic designers, motion and sound designers, and copywriter took part in the work on each robot. In total, the work on the project took over 150 days. (3000 hours of direct work).

“99 NFT Robots Challenge” is the first and so far the only art project of its kind that combines art and modern fintech. Chatex supports all areas of the cryptocurrency industry. Throughout the challenge, the project has supported emerging artists who want to share their talent with the world. The Chatex team is confident that the NFT market is one of the most promising areas for the development of the entire crypto community. The interest in crypto arts from the community has rapidly grown several times, as evidenced by the growth dynamics of subscribers to the project’s social networks.

Each robot in the metaverse reflects an authentic view of the world, personality, or social issue. The main slogan of the project was and remains: “It is normal to be abnormal”. Creators’ team are sure that out of 99 of our works, everyone can find a character that will reflect exactly his or her priorities, worldview and favorite graphic style. The work can already be resold on the secondary market. At the moment, several cryptoarts’ were sold out.

During the challenge, the name of the project became known in the professional community. For example, the collection was presented within the framework of the CIPR, on one of the panels of which the Chatex expert presented “99 NFT Chatex Robots”. Among the most famous representatives of the industry who demonstrated their work in CIPR were: Pokras Lampas, AES+F, Nikita Replyansky, Oleg Soroko, Andrey Tyurin and many others. In the future, the Chatex team plans to develop the metaverse by adding new gamification options to the project. The project is already working on adding new mechanics, developing the universe, looking for opportunities for new collaborations.

Each owner of one of the copies of the robot will have a chance to win a Tesla Model S. It is noteworthy that the chance to become the owner of the car will remain until the official drawing of the main prize, at the grand final, which will be held on September 10 in Moscow. The grand final will take place after the first stage of the final on September 9th. In the first part of the final copies of the robots that have passed to the second round of the drawing will be determined. As part of the event, spectators will be able to see the main prize drawing in offline and online modes, learn about the past Chatex token sale, and purchase CHTX tokens in their portfolio. In addition, during the presentation, guests will enjoy live music and drinks, exhibitions and shows in a picturesque setting.

Hurry up to purchase one of 99 cryptoart and get a chance to win a Tesla Model S!