On September 10, the NFTMOSCOW meet-up Was Held In Moscow

On September 10th, the NFTMOSCOW meet-up event took place in Moscow. NFTMOSCOW meet-up became the first informal autumn meeting of the cryptoart community. During the event, the guests discussed issues of the NFT market, received information about the cryptoart industry, reviewed the work of NFT artists, and also witnessed the drawing of the Tesla Model S electric car as part of the 99 NFT Robots challenge final. And all this in the format of a party with performances by DJs and musicians at the highest event venue in Europe on the 90th floor of the Federation Tower.

Among the artists who took part in the exhibition were such artists as Oleg Soroko, Eduard Mykhailov, Artem Tkach, Pixelord, Ruslan Vyaltsev, Vlas Dryamov, Synticate, Nastya Taffi, Denis Rossiev, ASTERRVN, Egor Golopolosov, Roman Bobkov, Alex_CGBans, Petroda , Sergey Faraday, Rinatto L’Bank, Anomalit Kate, Meta Rite, Sasshhaaaa, Ivan Solyaev, Egor Digitax, Martisha Merems, Misha Most, Irin Rodion, Rafis Bulatov, Wild Cake, Pasha pvkh3d, Shadow Zuev, Anton Buchara, Alpevchino, Sasha Portnov, Chatex Robots. As part of two meet-up sessions, experts from the NFT industry and crypto enthusiasts discussed the problems of the market, the prospects for its development, and also shared insights about their projects and upcoming events. The first meet-up block was opened by Roman Moiseev, CEO of DeFireX. In his opinion, we are already living in a time when the future has come. And what people could touch with their hands before, is now also available in digital form. “You can now take pictures on your phone and send them to anyone. But this picture does not belong to you. You do not have proof of the right to claim, it does not belong to you. But with the help of a QR code, you can pay with cryptocurrency, and it will only be your picture, it will belong to you. Although this is nominally, because life is a game, you will absolutely be able to transfer the right of claim with the necessary evidence. If the picture is great, then a lot of money can be paid for it later. Which ones will be really expensive? Those that will be interesting and in demand in the future. Therefore, now, when you see the price of 5-10-20 thousand dollars, you should take into account that since many people are interested in this, no one can say exactly how much this or that object is worth. That is, it’s a hot potato game. Whoever is the last is the one who lost, ”Roman commented ironically. “The DeFirex team proposes to create NFTs that are actually backed by some kind of assets. Whether it is gold, bitcoins or ether. And the value will be distributed in the process of game interaction. That is, if you are lucky, you have chosen an effective tactic, then the value of your object increases. If you are unlucky, then the value does not increase. All NFT objects that are made on our platform will have value if they have an advertising value. If now in this game your time is at least something worth, and it will be guaranteed and verifiable, then this game will take on a new breath. We are creating such a platform now, ” the speaker shared.

The next speaker was the art director of the 99 NFT Chatex Robots project, Rustam Usmanov, offering his own artistic view of the NFT industry. “I can consider NFT from a visual point of view. I believe that various factors can affect the value of an NFT. Even as sad as the death of an artist. However, despite the hype around NFT, I can still appreciate only the visual beauty of this tool. Of course, this is quite subjective, but the work itself can carry a certain energy. This side is more interesting to me than its PR promotion. I would not like to promote the picture with some events around it. Therefore, it is quite possible to create something really interesting in this area, ”said Rustam. The speaker covered the topic of NFT and the value of the industry through the concept of paper money. “Suppose an artist takes $100 and draws an image on it. From that moment, this $100 turns into a unique object, for which everyone can set a price for himself, depending on how much the seller feels it. This can be compared to the first shares of Microsoft. All of this also has a close relationship with the conventional art market. If we talk about the 99 NFT Chatex Robots project, then we quite spontaneously decided to do it. Before that, we were developing a character for the Chatex cryptobank. It was a robot. And it was this image that formed the basis of the entire project. It was obvious that in case of interest in the project, it would bring additional recognition to the Chatex cryptobank. As an artist, I was attracted by the fact that we did not have any restrictions. This no longer looks like a design, since here we did not have a clear technical assignment, we ourselves chose any topic. The only difficulty was that we had to publish one robot every day.

These 100 days were not the easiest. Nevertheless, we did a lot of work ourselves, but most of the work we did in collaboration. But despite the difficulties that arose, during these 99 days we released a new NFT object every day. This is very important for serial projects. Also, at the initial stage, it was necessary to come up with an idea, discuss it, create a robot, and do voice acting. This is a whole series of stages that had to be completed in one day, ” Rustam summed up.

The speakers also touched upon the burning topic of digital immortality and the role of NFT in shaping a new image of the creative heritage of the future. “Digital art has never been appreciated. But now digital artists have a kind of immortality. Previously, you could hone your professionalism for years, but in the end you won’t get anything, ”complained AR visionary Nastya Taffi. Now the artist got the opportunity to monetize their work. I got into the NFT community a long time ago by accident. An NFT collector met me and got me into this movement. I can say with confidence that if you have no connections, then you need energy and resources to build your instagram. Energy attracts energy. Yes, the audience is not fully prepared for NFT right now, but this pendulum is swinging at a wild speed. The widespread advent of digital art is inevitable, it is not a temporary thing,” said Nastya.

AR visionary Denis Rossiev also proposed his vision for NFT. “Not everyone understands how it works. Imagine you have a bank account that anything can happen to. Your account may be liquidated, the government may take your savings from you, your bank will close. Cryptocurrency assets are “smeared” all over the Internet. The only way to remove them from you is with the soldering iron method. Cryptocurrency does not lend itself to outside influence. NFT is the same token. It has a unique identifier that allows you to implement a unique author’s signature. This can be seen through the blockchain. It is safe and transparent. The picture has uniqueness and copyright. This cannot be influenced. That is why digital art is so “shooting”, sooner or later will come widespread acceptance. By investing now, you can get very big profits in the future, ”said Denis.

It is noteworthy that not all experts consider the acquisition of NFT solely as an investment tool. “I don’t buy works for the purpose of quick resale, so the monetary motivation is not very close to me, since there are different types and types of work. If we are talking about art, then I do not think that quick resale can be the main source of motivation for buying here. And even an element of emotional passion. Rather, the role of a particular author, his history, his path of development is important here. If he develops, then this moves the value of his current and all previous works. At what point on which site there were how many visitors is not very significant for the artist. Nevertheless, projects like the one that Chatex has implemented are really very important. They move this whole story forward, and in this they are unique. I want to congratulate the team on the fact that such a project has been completed. It’s worth it. When such projects are organized, then for many artists it becomes a certain social lift. Because when AES + F and the work of some not-so-famous artist are simultaneously present in one project, and they participate in some kind of common collaboration project, this is an excellent impetus for the growth of a personal brand. I purchased several works to support specific authors in particular, and the initiative in general, ” commented Ilya Popov, founder of Riki, Infinity Art, the largest collector of vinyl toys, NFT collector.

After the first stage of the meet-up, the guests listened to a musical performance and continued communication on the sidelines. As part of the second meet-up panel, the speakers focused on marketing strategies for the implementation of their digital creations, as well as on the future of NFT. The session of VP Communications Chatex was moderated by Leonid Bugaev. The panel was attended by Vlad Dryamov, founder of the baby Combat Bots project, NFT artist, Ruslan Vyaltsev, NFT artist, Sergey Safonov, collector and creator of collection platforms, Sergey Faraday, creative director of Infinity Art, Riki, NFT artist, Vlad Tkachuk, media artist from the art group Synticate, Roman Tsukanov media artist from the Synticate art group, Anton Toroptsev Marketing Binance Russia & CIS, Olga Filatova Forbes Contributor, NFT enthusiast, founder of CryptoArt Museum, COO FLASHBACK.

Collector and creator of collectible platforms Sergey Safonov offered his view on building a marketing strategy. “Since artists are not always well versed in the subject of marketing, they often assume that marketing is necessarily about attracting new customers. Nevertheless, the most important marketing tool is working with an already existing fanbase. It is necessary to understand what is interesting for them, this is working with their inner circle. Don’t think that just outside your community there are great hundreds of thousands of buyers to target. In fact, the world is much nicer and softer. There is an inner circle, there are buyers and collectors, with whom it is quite possible to work and demonstrate the growth and development of your creativity, ”the speaker shared.

Platforms should also become closer to their users, independently forming an active community and the vector of its development. “Now there are a huge number of platforms where you can sell your NFTs. And some can support artists, some cannot. We are interested in promoting artists from Russia. At the moment we have sold about 3.5 thousand NFTs, and our community in Discord numbers about 8 thousand people. And we spent only 2.5 Ether on promotion. At the same time, people expect news from us, they expect a hype. Therefore, it is very important to keep the drive going. This is at least what I can say about collectible editions, ”said Anton Toroptsev, a representative of Marketing Binance Russia & CIS.

“It seems to me that this is a very simple formula. Gather a large number of people in a universal place, and make a limited offer in this audience, ” Leonid Bugaev, VP Communications Chatex, supported Anton’s idea.

Also, most of the speakers expressed a desire to create and promote art that would be absolutely unique. According to most speakers, this approach will allow in the future, with the development of augmented reality technologies, to make an absolutely unique design for houses and other spaces, and will allow digital art to go beyond the screen.

After the second meet-up session, a long-awaited event awaited the guests – the Tesla Model S drawing! In the second stage of the Grand Final, 9 participants were randomly selected. After that, each of the finalist wallets was assigned a number. 3 vases were brought into the hall, each of which had 3 numbers. The first persons of Chatex took out one ball from each vase, and the finalist was chosen by a random person from the audience. It is noteworthy that the organizers of the NFTMOSCOW meet-up did not know the name of the winner until the last moment, but the rumor quickly spread through the audience that he was Kirill Terekhov! And it turned out to be true. Soon Cyril will receive his Tesla Model S.

The NFTMOSCOW meet-up ended with active networking, a party and discussion of the latest trends in the modern cryptocurrency community. The organizers are still receiving rave reviews from guests and spectators of the event. Stay tuned to always be aware of the latest news and events of the cryptobank Chatex! In the future, Chatex plans to hold such meetings to unite the community.


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