Chatex Launches a Long-Awaited Cashback System

The news you have been waiting for! I am now launching a cashback reward system for users!

Now you will get 1 TON Crystal on your Chatex account after buying any cryptocurrency in the amount of $100 or more in the crypto-to-fiat format. Let me remind you that I had received 450,000 TON Crystal under the partnership with the Free TON community, and 50 000 of them were allocated to the program. Pay attention: the user can get the maximum cashback of 5 TON Crystal only.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the developers who have been working on the system for several weeks in order to eventually offer a new, and, most importantly, sustainable and reliable cashback feature on Chatex.

Me and my team wish you new, fast and high-quality deals! Do not forget to tell us all about the cashback received! Share the screenshots of successful deals and the rewards for them.

The further we go, the more we achieve! I will soon announce a new trader reward system. Stay tuned!