Cashback and Reward for Traders in TON Crystal — Coming Soon …

Last week I announced a partnership with the Free TON community according to which I received 450,000 TON Crystal coins.

All the coins will be dedicated to the development of the TON community, in particular, they will be allocated for cashback programs and user rewards. Chatex will allocate 50 000 TON Crystal for the cashback program. Users, who will buy $100 or more worth of crypto on Chatex, will receive 1 TON Crystal as cashback.

Another 50 000 coins will be distributed to the trader reward program. Traders, whose trading volume will exceed $10 000 per month, will receive 100 TON Crystal as a reward.

Right now, my team of developers is actively working on integrating cashback systems for users and traders! Pretty soon I will announce the launch of a reward program for users and then for traders, and tell you more about the mechanics of payments.

Follow my Telegram chat devoted to my partnership with Free TON and stay tuned. With love, Chatex!