Ripple [XRP]

Ripple is a commercial organization. It is the creation of Ripple.Net – a digital network for performing various financial transactions. Ripple.Net, in turn, is not a blockchain and works with XRP cryptocurrency based on the XRP Ledger distribution ledger. Moreover, Ripple states that the company can use any other cryptocurrency besides XRP if it wishes.

The goals of the Ripple organization are to provide the opportunity to make payments and currency exchange services to various financial projects – banks, payment systems, cryptocurrency exchanges and ordinary people. Ripple’s clients today are more than 100 of the largest organizations around the world, including Union Credit, UBS, Asix Bank, etc.

XRP benefits

XRP is considered a separate cryptocurrency that is not subject to the Ripple.Net network, but is simply used by it as an intermediary. The coin is positioned as an alternative to both other cryptocurrencies and traditional payment systems such as SWIFT.

XRP has certain advantages:

  • Its own consensus algorithm, according to the rules of which a small circle of validators is created to confirm transactions on the network.
  • Minimum commissions for currency transfers, which are not necessary to pay for the work of validators, but in order to reduce the risks of currency exchange rate manipulation and the number of spam transactions.
  • The world’s fastest transaction speed.
  • Good scalability: The XRP network can handle about 1500 operations per second.
  • The ability to edit the transaction statement and even cancel it.

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