Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency, but a platform with its own unique protocol, running on its own blockchain. It is an independent software. On its basis the platform’s cryptocurrency and dozens other coins, applications and startups operate. Thus, such large companies as Microsoft, IBM, VTB, Sberbank and others are connected to the Ethereum network.

With the help of Ethereum, each person can create their own program code based on the network’s smart contracts. Such codes automate the work of programs, and become ideal automatic third-parties in the performance of any operations. Cryptocurrency, which is the main means of payment within the network, is called ether.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum

Ether is the second largest digital asset by capitalization after Bitcoin. The value of ether is growing every year thanks to the connection of new projects to the network. The functionality of the system provides cryptocurrency with reliable support and a stable increase in value. In addition, Ethereum is a fairly stable cryptocurrency with low volatility, which every year only increases the interest of users in the coin.

Every year the creators of Ethereum are developing the network. It also has a positive effect on demand. Today, Ethereum is considered one of the most basic coins that are in the wallet of every cryptocurrency holder.

Ethereum has all the main advantages of digital assets, as well as its own specific features. Among them are:

  • independence of cryptocurrency from government authorities, its limited emission and reliability;
  • security against hacking and fraud thanks to the blockchain;
  • the ability to transfer money anywhere in the world
  • the base of ethereum, which significantly increases the demand for the currency, expands its possibilities and is constantly evolving within the framework of the global financial market.

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