Dash is a fork of the Litecoin (LTC) network, and the original idea of ​​its creators was to increase the privacy of network users and the speed of transactions. Like most cryptocurrencies the source code of the Dash blockchain is publicly available, and the coin itself is a decentralized means of payment.

Dash features

Today, the token has three distinctive features:

  • A 2-tier transaction confirmation system, which includes miners at the first level and special masternodes – nodes in the blockchain network that help process and confirm transactions – at the second. This not only makes Dash faster, but additionally protects it from hacker attacks.
  • InstantSend is a technology that allows you to instantly make payments anywhere in the world without additional fees.
  • PrivateSend is a function that ensures the highest possible confidentiality of user transactions.

Dash at Chatex

In Chatex, a unique P2P service built in the Telegram messenger, anyone can buy Dash and use it in their financial transactions. In addition, Chatex will provide you with an absolutely safe crypto wallet, a guarantee of the reliability of your financial transactions, minimal commissions for withdrawing cryptocurrencies and zero commissions for transfers within the system, as well as round-the-clock support that will help you quickly and easily master the cryptocurrency market and use its resources to your advantage.

To purchase Dash at Chatex, go to “Exchange” – “Buy” – “DASH”.