Bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin is the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. It became the pioneer for all subsequently created digital assets, and embodied the idea of ​​their creation.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not have a paper embodiment and does not depend on any state. The entire Bitcoin network is not run by banks, but by dozens of mining pools in different parts of the world, and its source code is available to anyone. In fact, each of us can become a coin miner by purchasing the necessary equipment. Thus, the system itself remains distributed and does not have a single control center.

Bitcoin advantages

Bitcoin has a number of advantages inherent in all modern cryptocurrencies:

  • independence from the financial policies of states, which frees the currency from censorship;
  • limited emission;
  • blockchain network security, protected by algorithms that cannot be hacked at the moment;
  • great investment potential due to the growing demand for bitcoin;
  • availability. Bitcoin can be easily bought, sold and transferred anywhere in the world without third parties and with minimal fees.

Bitcoin in Chatex

With the help of our service, anyone can buy or sell Bitcoin, transfer it anywhere, or simply store it in their crypto wallet.

It is possible to purchase cryptocurrency in the Chatex chatbot in Telegram in the Exchange — Buy – BTC section.