The first presentation of the cryptoart took place in Moscow

On June 9, ArtNoviSpace hosted a presentation of a unique cryptoart. NFT Сhatex Robots project released the 50th robot. The robot was created in collaboration with an international artist, electro-harpist, producer, composer and conductor, performing with concerts and workshops around the world, Alexander Boldachev. Especially for the musical arrangement of the work, Alexander Boldachev created a composition that reveals the theme of the symbiosis of creativity and high technologies. Alexander proposed a new philosophy for the development of music as a digital art in the NFT world, based on the viewer’s involvement in the moment, place and history of the creation of a musical composition that will be turned into a token.

The guests of the event were able to truly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of synergy of music, graphics and the concept of the development of digital art of the future. So, as part of the event, viewers were able to get acquainted with digital finance in general and the concept of NFT (non-fungible token) in particular. Also, after a visual demonstration of the purchase process, they were able to buy their own digital art. Also CBDO Chatex Alexander Khvoinitsky and VP Communications Leonid Bugaev told about the concept of digital art development and interesting opportunities provided by the cryptocurrency industry.

In addition, the audience was surprised by a full 45-minute Alexander Boldachev’s performance, in which he performed for the first time a piece written specifically for the first of its kind event in the NFT world. Alexander presented not only his own compositions, but also surprised the audience with an extraordinary and mesmerizing presentation of famous musical masterpieces.

After that, the audience was introduced to the NFT Chatex Robots project, which started on April 21 this year. As part of the project, the Chatex art team daily releases an authentic robot that embodies character traits and a unique life philosophy inherent in every person. The project partners have already included such artists as P1XELORD, dryamvlad, Chernamars, BUCHARA, Ibrajeez, pablosvision, Ruslan Vyaltsev, SciArt, Faraday, Sasshhaaaart, Kiradiron, mishalibertee, Terekhov Kir, Lord Pretty, Arseniy Key. A number of world-class artists and musicians will soon be added to this list. In addition, among the users who bought robots during the “99 NFT Robots’ ‘ challenge, there will be the future owner of Tesla Model S, which will be determined on September 9.

Spectators were able to watch online the process of minting (creating new blocks in the blockchain based on proof of ownership) of the robot on the Rarible, and also enjoy the delicious Mondoro champagne. One of the guests managed to purchase a robot in the very first minutes after the release. The event ended with lively networking and expert answers to questions from the audience.

Alexander Boldachev and the Chatex team thank Mondoro for the provided drinks, as well as the ArtNoviSpace for their cooperation and the beautifully designed space.