Happy Birthday, Free TON!

The Free TON community has recently celebrated its anniversary. Exactly six month have passed since the community took up the development of Durov’s brainchild — the TON blockchain, which did not manage to get the green light from the US regulators. Now the Free TON community offers an alternative ecosystem for those users who came up with the idea to buy GRAM tokens about a year ago.

Today we can safely sum up the first results of Free TON’s work while the developers are enjoying a matchless biscuit cake baked by the culinary specialist from Sevastopol Nastya Karmazina.

During just 6 months, the Free TON team has gathered around itself a strong and loyal community of ambitious crypto exchanges and enthusiastic traders. A striking example is the p2p-exchange Chatex that in July 2020, became the first service to support the TON Crystal cryptocurrency on its trading platform. Since July, the transaction turnover has reached 2 000 000 TON Crystal on the Chatex marketplace!

As of today, the price for 1 TON Crystal is $0.97 (at the time of this writing), and the community becomes more and more involved. Who knows, maybe the next anniversary cake for Free TON will be baked by Gordon Ramsay, who will receive a reward for that in TON Crystal in his Chatex account.

The further we go, the more we achieve. We believe that Free TON has every prospect to become a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency. And be sure, we will do our utmost for that!