Chatex and FREETONSHOP: Erasing the Boundaries Between Real and Virtual Worlds

Belongingness drives our hearts and unites people. Taking that into account, a month ago, the Free TON community, which continued to work on Durov’s cryptocurrency, announced a partnership with the FREETONSHOP Telegram bot.

FREETONSHOP is a store where everybody can buy Free TON merch: T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, baseball caps and mugs.

Freedom, simplicity, availability — all the principles of the Free TON blockchain are reflected in the FREETONSHOP product. Freedom is reflected in comfortable and high-quality clothes that are warm and soft to the touch. Simplicity is in laconic prints, moderately colorful and minimalistic at the same time — in the best traditions of Off-White or Heron Preston. Availability is disclosed in worldwide delivery and the ability to buy merch for cryptocurrency.

Undoubtedly, it would be strange if a store dedicated to Free TON accepted fiat currencies. That is why FREETONSHOP offers to buy its merch for TON Crystal with the help of Chatex — the official partner of Free TON and the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to support TON Crystal.

How to replenish the balance at FREETONSHOP?

To buy the TON Crystal cryptocurrency and then the merch, you just need to take a couple of simple steps:

1. Go to the FREETONSHOP store on Telegram. Then click [Buy TON] —> [Go to Chatex].

2. Register with Chatex, specify your nickname, country and language. Verification can be skipped.

3. Press [Exchange], select [Buy], choose TON and the currency for which you want to buy TON Crystal, for example, dollars [USD].

4. Select the means of payment, find an ad, click [Buy] and specify the required amount and payment details.

5. After the funds go to the TON Crystal wallet on Chatex, return to the store and buy the merch!

We continue the work of Pavel Durov with our head held high, and in soft hoodies with a Free TON print and mugs of warming latte in our hands. And, of course, we are looking forward to your purchases and feedback!


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