For Vendors

Chatex – P2P Marketplace with Escrow and OTC Integrator.

Chatex has a corporate account on the Exchange.

Alice is a vendor and has an account on the Exchange. Alice registers with Chatex and wants to sell BTC there.

Bob – wants to buy a BTC in Chatex.

Alice connects its Exchange account to Chatex via API and holds USDT on it. Chatex operates with this balance as a wallet inside.

Bob sees Alice’s ad in Chatex and responds. Chatex checks the Alice wallet balance on the stock exchange via API and invites Alice to start a deal.

Alice starts the transaction and Chatex immediately buys off the BTC market for USDT, then transfers this amount to BTC into its corporate account

inside the exchange to provide escrow.

After successfully completing the transaction, Chatex pays out cryptocurrency to Bob from its system wallet inside Chatex.