For business

Examples of using Chatex as a business tool:


Aggregators for Freelancers:

Task: The company has to make regular payments to a large number of freelancers (webmasters). Freelancers are from many different countries and they do not have a single payment method uniting them. As a rule, these are micropayments starting from 20 to 100 dollars a day.

Current alternative: Services like solar staff, webmoney.

Problem: High commissions, the necessity of contracts and administration.

Solution: The company makes a deposit in a most suitable currency to it`s wallet. All freelancers register on Chatex and tell the company their wallet addresses. The company unloads the batch list of payments from its accounting system (wallet address, amount, currency, comment) and sends it to the Chatex wallet in the “Transfer” section. Chatex makes mass payouts according to the registry with the required comment. 

Regional retailers

Task: The smartphones penetration rate was increased by 128% in African markets over the previous year. The total import of smartphones are 113 million pcs, according to it, it is necessary for companies to purchase these goods abroad.

Current alternative: Exchange offices, banking services.

Problems: The domestic exchange rate of the local currency against the dollar / euro is extremely unstable, plus the possibility of exchange exists only in the country where the company is located, according to it, the company loses money on exchange rates and cross-border transfers.

Solution: The company registers with Chatex and buys stablecoins (usdt) on its wallet. Further, the company will be able to pay stablecoins for goods in Europe, while maintaining a significant part of the funds that would go to cover the volatility of the local currency and bank commissions for cross-border payments.


Clients and use cases: Online Casino, Online Dating services

Task: Businesses need to provide users with an alternative ways to deposit funds for further conversion into the system currency used to pay for provided services.

Current alternative: Bank cards. Global payment systems like PayPal.

Why is there a need: Businesses need to expand payment options to attract more users interested in its services, which cannot afford the available methods of depositing funds for some reason.

Problem: Users of online casinos or dating sites prefer anonymity, so payment by credit card directly or through a payment in the form of a payment card is not suitable for them.
Solution: By using Chatex, you can quickly buy a cryptocurrency and instantly transfer it in favor of one service or another one and maintain the anonymity