Chatex is an easy-to-use and secure P2P exchanger and cryptocurrency wallet. Why us?

  • First of all because it is an absolutely legal service. The company is registered in Estonia with the necessary licenses for the exchange.
  • Reliable wallets from a reputable supplier – BitGo.
  • The focus is on taking care of our customers – you always have the opportunity to contact us, we will always answer. Quick resolution of incidents (disputes), which is crucial not only for traders, but also for ordinary buyers, because you trust us with your money. All our disputes are resolved in real time (here and now), and we are always in touch with our customers 24/7.
  • One of our competitive advantages we see in the focus of work through messengers. It gives an additional level of security (it is hard to attack through the infrastructure of instant messengers).
  • We have created the maximum possible user-friendly interface. And being on hand in all popular messengers gives to all our users the opportunity to choose familiar functionality and interface.
  • And finally, everything is quickly and easily. In a couple of steps you can start to work with our bot: you get link, open it, choose your favorite instant messenger, get it into the bot, make up a name – and you are our client!

You can learn more about all the features of the bot in other sections of the FAQ.

Or you can ask your questions to our support team.

Step 1. To start using our bot you need to install your favourite messenger on your mobile device or PC.

Step 2. Go to Chatex (@Chatex_bot), tap «Start» button and select your language. Our example is “English”

Step 3. Come up with a unique username and write to our bot. Now select the country of your location.

After these steps, you will complete the registration and log in to your bot profile.

If the bot failed your commands or messages:

  • Carefully check your network connection.
  • We may also be working on the service – we are rapidly developing and sometimes we need to download updates. But we are not Windows10, and we warn about the major works of the service and usually carry them out quite quickly, just wait for a while.

If you have other errors and problems – contact our 24/7 support directly in the bot or via other communication channels. We will not disregard your appeal.


Go to «Profile» → «Verification».

  • Choose the type of document you specify: Passport, ID-card or international passport;
  • Attach the photo of this document, make sure that the image is clear, without glare, and all edges of the document are visible;
  • Take and attach the selfie with this document without accidentally closing your face or document;
After that, the message will show up: «Your data has been sent for verification» and sending files will be automatically checked by the system.

On an average, the verification process takes about 15 minutes. You can use the bot at the time.

At the end of the automatic check, you will receive the message with the results of verification in the bot.

It is important to know that:

  • It is not recommended to use graphic editors and change any information on the photo;
  • Verification will not be completed if the necessary information is not clearly visible;
  • If necessary, the support service can contact you and request additional information;
  • After sending any data, it will take some time for checking purposes;
  • You can always contact our support team in the bot, if you have questions or problems.

After verification, the user will have access to the Pin-code service, which will allow to protect clients from unauthorized access to their wallets and transactions.

In case of loss of the phone, you will not lose access to your account with wallets, if you contact support and confirm your identity by providing relevant documents.

Also verified users gain more trust from the users, and the number of responses to transactions from other users increases. The verification option for users is obligatory on all the LEGAL services operating in Europe. We are incorporated in Estonia and comply with the laws of this country. In accordance with the rules of the GDPR our data servers located in Europe. It is worth mentioning that personal data are not processed manually (neural networks), so there is no risk of leak of data on our part. Your data are automatically processed by our partners Sum & Substance Ltd. That is all written in the Privacy Policy.

Now, most users in the world take verification as a more or less common process for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

After you send the verification data to the bot, this will be automatically processed by our partners – Sum & Substance Ltd. Such processing takes some time and by the end of it, you will receive a message in the bot with the result. The cause of the problems will be written there. For example, it may be the poor quality of the photo, the wrong document or it is not fully visible (covered with a finger or not all corners was fit in size of lens).

You can take a new photo of the document or selfie with it in your hands and send it to check again. And if it is not possible to solve the problem or you just need help with verification – you can always contact support.

To view information and statistics of your profile:

  • Go to the «Profile»;
  • The chat bot will send you a message with the information about your profile.

There displays that information:

  • Username;
  • Date of registration;
  • Country;
  • Verification status;
  • Reviews, your rating;
  • You are blocked by;
  • Amount of deals;
  • Trading volume.

You enter the user name only during registration and its change is not provided yet. It is also impossible to change the data that you entered during the verification process. But if you have any problems with your data, please, contact with support.

Our chatbot has a rating system of users. People will more often respond on ads of trader with high rating. They will trust him, and ads from a user with a low rating may not interest anyone.

Even at the beginning of the deals, both users can see each other’s information including the number of reviews, as well as the volume of trading. In your account, you can check this information in the «Profile» section.

If you behave politely with the another user during the deal, being a buyerquickly sent the funds, and being the creator of the ad offer favorable conditions – do not doubt that the second participant will appreciate you positively after the deal with you. That will can give you an advantage over the rest of the traders and another users will chose your ads as trusted one.

Users who trade unfairly and make attempts to deceive others, receive a negative rating after each decision of the arbitrator, are not in their favor. Also, afterthe deal, the users can give that fraudster a negative evaluation, which will significantly affect the trust in his person from the community. In case thatkind of measures do not help to change the behavior of the dishonest trader, then we can ban him.


Yes, trading through the Chatex is absolutely safe with minimal precautions from your side.

  • We are the first exchanger of this class, which has the necessary licenses;
  • We provide users with a completely white service with crypto wallets from the company BitGo, which is famous for its safety and reliability;
  • We provide arbitrage of transactions in disputable situations, thereby minimizing the risks of fraudulent actions by the users of the service;
  • After verification set a PIN-code, which will protect your wallet even in case of unauthorized access to your device and bot profile;
  • Round-the-clock support is always in touch in case of problems.

The support service works 24/7. Always ready to help you!

To contact us:

  • Find the «Support» button;
  • Make sure that the bot has switched to a dialogue with support (you will receive the message from the bot about that);
  • Write your message;
  • Click on the button to send a message;
  • After that, you automatically leave the dialogue mode with support. Sending messages working «one by one». To send another message, you need to click the support button again

So, where to find this «Support» button?

  • After registration the button will be in the «Information» section of the main menu;
  • If the member of the support team has already written you a message, you can fast write to him by clicking the «Restart» button under his message. Do not confuse this dialogue with the messages from users of the deal;
  • If the problem occures during the deal, so that the buyer and the seller cannot solve the situation by their own, they both can call the special support as an arbitrator by pressing the appropriate button of the bot’s dialogue box.

  • Make deals only in our chat bot;
  • Carefully review the terms of trade before agreeing to a deal;
  • Do not press the «Received money» button until the funds are credited to your account / wallet;
  • Do not use third-party software and do not open files sended from another users;
  • Be careful and do not perform the requirements of fraudsters, who posing themself as support service specialists;
  • Also, you can set a PIN code in your wallet – it will be requested for each operation that requires debiting funds from your purses. This set up is located in the section «Profile» → «Security» after your passing verification.

It is possible to restore access to your profile and to the wallet with all your funds, but only after passing the verification.

You can contact support with a request to receive more attempts to enter a pin-code, if you accidentally break the limit of attempts to enter it.

If you have forgotten a pin code or lost access to a phone number, then to restore full access to your account, you will need to confirm your identity. Verifying your data will take us some time in order to protect user accounts from fraudsters. In any case, to confirm your identity, you also need to contact support, describing the whole situation and reasons to us.

Documents are available in the .pdf format:

If you are already logged in, the agreement and license will be in the «Information» section → «Documents».


The BitGo wallet is attached to a user account immediately after registration.Moreover, the wallet is created for each cryptocurrency, as a result you have several cryptowallet on your account.

To find out the address and current balance one of them:

  1. Go to the «Wallet»;
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you need;
  3. Chat bot will send you a message with your current account balance and cryptowallet address. Also you can see it as QR-code here.

  1. Go to the «Wallet»;
  2. Select the cryptocurrency;
  3. The chat bot will send you a message with the balance and address of the cryptograph for replenishment in this cryptocurrency;
  4. Knowing this address and having a cryptocurrency on another wallet, you can send the appropriate funds to your wallet in the bot;

Sometimes cryptocurrency is tranfering within 25 minutes, but more often it tranfers immediately after two confirmations of the network.

If you have some difficulties with this question, you can write to support (“Information” – “Support”) and describe the situation.

If you need to withdraw funds to another wallet:

  • Go to the «Wallet» section;
  • Select the cryptocurrency;
  • The chat bot will send you a message with the balance and address of your crypto wallet for replenishment in this cryptocurrency;
  • Click «Output»;
  • Insert (/Enter) the wallet address for withdrawal. Or send a picture with the address as QR-code to the bot, it automatically converts it and shows the result;
  • Enter the amount to be sent, the maximum of it will be written by the message;
  • Confirm the operation;
  • Expect receipt of funds, the transaction sometimes transfers within 25 minutes, but more often it tranfers immediately after two confirmations.

In the same way, you can add funds to cell phone account of another user of this bot, what is more thats transfers immediately.

If you have some difficulties with the money transmission, you can always send a message to support with and describe the situation.

Funds are sent to and from your wallet account in about 25 minutes, but usually it happens faster. It is required two network confirmations at the minimum. Confirmation of transactions is a process which is important in the protection of the write-off that is already spent («Double-spending»).

Money is transferring to the wallets inside the bot immediately, according to it the funds come immediately after you click “Received funds” at the final stage of the transaction.

Always be careful when you enter the address of transaction.

Because you have active deals or cryptocurrency ads. The service blocks some amount of cryptocurrency on the wallet of sellers, which is equivalent to the amount of the active deals or your ads.

When you check the balance of the cryptos, the bot always sends messages about frozen money and it`s operations.

To unfreeze funds, delete the this advertisement or complete the deal.

  • Go to the «Wallet»;
  • Click «History»;
  • Choose the cryptocurrency witch history of operations you want to see. Each cryptocurrency have the individual wallet;
  • The files will show up in the form of a table in the .csv format, which include the information about all transactions related to the selected wallet.

The history of the separate transactions can be viewed in the section “Exchange” – “History of transactions”.


  1. Go to the «Trade» section;
  2. Select the section «Crypto»;
  3. Choose the desired crypto currency from the list;
  4. Then, сhoose from the offered list the fiat currency which you want to give for cryptocurrency;
  5. Choose from the offered list a payment system which you want to use to buy a cryptocurrency through;
  6. Select from provided the list the ad that best suits your request; Read the terms of the deal for this advert;
  7. Confirm this advert by clicking the «start» button, if the terms of the transaction suit you;
  8. Enter the amount of the fiat currency which you want to give to buy the cryptocurrency, in accordance with the limits imposed by the seller;
  9. Read the final details of the purchase and, if approved, confirm the transaction;
  10. Expect a response from the seller;
  11. After receiving confirmation from the seller, you will receive an information message about the details of the deal;
  12. Transfer funds in accordance with the terms of the deals and click «Money have been transferred»;
  13. You can also contact the seller for additional questions;
  14. After confirmation of payment receipt from the seller, the purchased cryptocurrency is credited to your account.

  1. Go to the section «Exchange»;
  2. Click «My Ads»;
  3. Choose the section «Create an advert»;
  4. Select the section «Crypto»;
  5. Select the desired cryptocurrency from the list;
  6. Select from the list the fiat currency for which you want to buy a cryptocurrency;
  7. Choose from the list a payment system with which you want to buy a cryptocurrency;
  8. Enter the desired rate at which you want to buy a cryptocurrency:
    • In the form of a fixed number;
    • As a percentage of the exchange rate (it is proposed to choose the exchange in the next step);
    • In the form of a numerical difference from the exchange rate (it is proposed to choose the exchange in the next step);
  9. Specify the minimum and maximum amount in the selected fiat currency for which you are ready to buy cryptocurrency in a single transaction;
  10. Enter the terms of trade;
  11. Read the final version of the ad and, if you agree, click on the «Create» button;
  12. Expect a response from sellers to your ad.

  1. Go to the section «Exchange»;
  2. Select «Sell crypto»;
  3. Select from the list the fiat currency for which you want to sell a cryptocurrency;
  4. Select the desired cryptocurrencies from the list;
  5. Select from the list the payment system, with which you receive funds for the sale of cryptocurrency;
  6. Choose from the list the most suitable ad for you;
  7. Read the terms of the transaction ad;
  8. Confirm this announcement if you are satisfied with the terms of the transaction;
  9. Enter the amount of fiat currency for which you want to sell the cryptocurrency, in accordance with the established restrictions on the part of the buyer;
  10. Enter your payment details to transfer funds to you using the selected payment system;
  11. Read the final details of the sale and if you are agree, confirm the transaction;
  12. Expect a response from the buyer;
  13. After receiving confirmation from the buyer, you will receive an information message about the details of the transaction with the status of waiting for a money transfer from the buyer;
  14. Once the buyer transfers the funds, the status of the details of the transaction will change to «the buyer has paid». After you make sure that you have received the transfer of funds in accordance with the terms of the transaction, click the «Received money» button under the message of the details of the transaction.

Our bot already have the many popular payment systems. If it seems to you like your payment system is absent here – try to create your own ad and see what conditions you can set. Our team has worked the most popular methods of transferring funds, everything is easy and useful.

In the future, we planned to add more cryptocurrencies, stablecoin and much more. Follow the news, we will inform everything on our information channels (like https://t.me/chatex_an).

Where to see the list of your ads and how to edit one of them?

  1. Go to the «Exchange» section;
  2. Click the «My Ads» button. You can see all your created ads if you have one of it (How to create?);
  3. Click on one of that ads and you will be taken to the menu you are looking for, with full information on this ad. Here you can: change the price, limits, details, conditions, you can hide the ad, making it invisible to other users, until you activate it again; and you can delete your ad.


  • The minimum cryptocurrency value when creating an ad is 0.01;
  • The number of ads you can create is unlimited;
  • Users can buy cryptocurrency on existing ads with the balance, which smaller than the deal amount. But you can’t sell cryptocurrency on existing ads when your balance less than the amount of the deal;
  • Two ads in the same payment system + in the same currency cannot be created. When creating the second one such first, you will only edit the first one. If you have several cards of the same bank – at the time of the deal, you can specify different details for each responded (after response, when instructed);
  • The limit that you can set on ads is the amount within which the deal will be executed;
  • Your ad will become inactive if the amount of cryptocurrency on your wallet changes so that it is not enough for the transaction;
  • You can set you ad to hidden / shown, so it will not be displayed to other users. Separately, there is a function to suspend / resume trading on all your ads. All this is in the ad editing menu. The formula for calculating the rate you created is also displayed there.

  • When you buying a cryptocurrency, before pressing «Transfer money» button and the actual transfer, the buyer has chance to cancel the deal;
  • When you selling cryptocurrency, it is impossible to cancel an active trade in progress yourself. That way, to cancel the deal, you need to have time to warn the buyer do not to sending the money and clicked the cancellation;

  • And you can contact the arbitrator with a request to unfreeze the funds and to return the cryptocurrency to you. But the last thing is possible only then the buyer didn’t transfer funds to you yet. And of course your rating will drop if this canceled this way.

  1. Go to the «Trade» section;
  2. Click the button «Deals»;
  3. Choose from the list of active deals the one where the counterparty does not fulfill the conditions (click on it with the mouse);
  4. Click the «Аrbitrator» button, under the message with a detailed description of your active deal;
  5. Inform the arbitrator about your claims;
  6. Provide evidence of non-compliance with the terms of the deal from the opposite side;
  7. After considering the arguments and evidence from both parties, our arbitrator will decide on resolution on your deal.

Arbitrage is the process of resolving the problem situations that has real-time arisen during trading.

In other words, if the user responded to your ad, but doesn’t make his obligations (for example, he didn’t transferred money for deal to your payment system account), then you have the right to not continue the deal and call the arbitrator to investigate the situation. At the time of the arbitration, the cryptocurrency stay frozen and it can be returned back to the seller, or transferred to the buyer – it all depends on the arbitration decision. Each arbitration case is considered individually. And depending on the situation takes a different amount of time. The arbitrator is in touch around the clock and informs the parties to the deals about the status of the arbitration. Usually, the first step is to determine the cause of the problem by the arbitrator, communicate immediately with the buyer and seller, find out the necessary details, data about users and ask for the necessary proof of payment, if it required. At the end of the proceedings, a verdict is made in favor of one party of the deal.

  1. Go to the «Trade» section;
  2. Click the «Deal» button;
  3. Choose from the list of active deals the one where you want to contact the user(click on it with your mouse);
  4. Click the «Seller» button if you are a buyer or «Buyer», if you are a seller – under the message with a detailed description of your active deal;
  5. Enter text or send a screenshot / photo;
  6. The other party of the deal will receive your message.