SUBTRA97 is a robot reminiscent of the charm of country trips. Every resident of Russia will find the image of SUBTRA97 close and familiar, reminiscent of summer, country house, youth and carefree childhood. Traveling by train is an incomparable experience that stays with us for life. It doesn’t have to be exclusively positive, but the special atmosphere and incomparable design code leave a deep imprint on the subconscious of every passenger. And if you happen to get on a train with graffiti, then you can join the spirit of real street art, which originates from the painted trains of New York of the 70s and still leaves the question of vandalism or art. SUBTRA97 consists of parts of the train, the spirit of street graffiti and precise vital images.

SUBTRA97 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the “Why” Graffiti team. Especially for SUBTRA97 “Why!” and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot representing illegal street graffiti.

“Why!” – Moscow graffiti team, gathered in 2000 from street artists. The number of participants is still a mystery, but the ideas that united them are known. “Why!”, written in Cyrillic in a font readable by the audience, made an impression on the townspeople. The use of Russian letters in graffiti was a novelty on the streets of Moscow. Instead of the tradition of leaving their name tags, the participants chose to depersonalize themselves as artists in the name of developing the name of the art group. The choice of the manifesto word to be replicated fell into the core of the emotional code. Initially “Why?” was written with a question mark. It personified the traditional, root question on which the deep reflection of the Russian soul is built. The inscription “Why” is a visual continuation of the symbols of literature, cinema, mentality transferred to the streets of cities, the same as the textbook questions “Who is to blame?” and “What to do?” Over time, the group’s philosophy has changed. Today “Why?” is no longer a question. “Why”, met on the wall, written with an exclamation mark or without a punctuation accent at all, became an expression of open internal protest and leaves space for the observer for his own opinion. The team actively popularizes the life of the subculture, makes films, several films have been released that have become iconic for the community, in the mid-2000s they published the first print magazines about graffiti.

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