9NNII6 is a talisman that patronizes the unbridled desire for leadership and dizzying sports victories. He is the personification of limitless achievements, attainable only with the help of hard and selfless work and faith in oneself. His speed and fast reactions to the challenges of the opponent in the hot moments of the competition are unbelievable. The whole concept of T9NNII6 demonstrates that there are no sporting achievements that could not be accomplished with proper constancy, clear desire and passionate craving. It is noteworthy that the favourite T9NNII6’s sport is tennis.

It implies absolutely fair play. After all, on the court athletes play against each other or in a small team. This type of competition pushes a person or a robot to take responsibility exclusively for themselves, enjoying their triumphant victories and sorting out lost games’ drawbacks. His graceful forms convey the unique drive and dynamics of the second tennis player in the world, making the viewer bewitched to catch every tiniest turn of his corpus and guess which side of the field he will hit the next serve. T9NNII6 consists of refined dynamics, unrestrained drive and uncompromising will to win.

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