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CLU27B is a robot bittersweet symphony. He reminds us of the transience and significance of life. His TV screen shows tragically bygone musical eras and personalities associated with them. He demonstrates infinitely gifted musicians who never met their 30th birthday, but remained forever in the hearts of their loyal fans. Each of the 7 personalities of CLU27B has left an indelible mark on modern musical culture. Here are representatives of soul, grunge, rock, and blues. It is impossible to imagine what music would be like if they did not have such a massive impact on it. Of course, the CLU27B also has a grief part. Question: “What if …?” constantly arises in the head, while looking at him. But, in the end, it is worth remembering that the past needs to be gratitude, but at the same time you shouldn’t not forget to move on. CLU27B is composed of divine music, unfulfilled hopes and unreleased plans.

CLU27B. The bittersweet symphony.


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