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M1RR0 represents the justice of the Chatex robot metaverse. His character is rather difficult to describe, since he has no opinion on any matter. Perhaps the fact that he was blind from birth played a significant role in the formation of his personality. He only captures and reflects what is happening in an impartial and detached manner, giving others the opportunity to evaluate the information reflected by him. It is impossible to convince him to present events in a way favorable to you, because he is not interested in any benefits of the universe. He does not claim, does not rejoice, does not get angry, does not envy, does not get upset, but only silently demonstrates all the events that have taken place. He especially annoys BOVA and IXTARA, who do not like to look at the consequences of their destructive actions. Made of clear glass.

The Mirror-Like Watcher of the Meta-Universe.

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