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K1R1LL is a guardian of the day and patron of eternity, protector of the primary truth. He is the creator of the robot metaverse’s laws, traditions and customs. K1R1LL is a true adherent of the old order. He is a retrograde to some extent. He is strict, but fair. He does not like chaos and disorder. Everyone knows that there is no better candidate for the role of judge to resolve disputes. K1R1LL will always make a decision that will satisfy all conflicting parties. Nevertheless, sometimes it is too strict and picky about his fellows, because he demands obedience and respect for his unshakable foundations from them. He spends a lot of time with M1RRO, which records all actions performed by robots, and makes a tough verdict to everyone who dared to break the law. He hates darkness, lies and betrayal. He is made of white marble to showcase his love of light and his firm convictions.

The Guardian of the day and eternity.

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