R9CKET2. Some of us recall the early / mid 90s era with nostalgia. Many folks associate this period with the beginning of something new, global changes and thoughts of a bright, cloudless future. Images of carpets on the wall, Soviet televisions and the Swan Lake ballet are inscribed in the DNA of people living in the post-Soviet space. The image of R9CKET2 is inspired by Soviet retro-futurism; stylistic elements and details of the technology of those years are clearly visible in its appearance. Looking at R9CKET2, spectator is able to clearly imagine that he really once stood against the background of the carpet, broadcast news about Gagarin’s flight and helped around the house. R9CKET2 consists of bittersweet nostalgia, dreams of a bright future and retro elements.

R9CKET2 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Evgeny Zubkov. Especially for R9CKET2, Evgeny Zubkov and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the retro-futurism of a bygone era.

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