NA88Y is one of the “Kikoriki” characters. The generation of people whose childhood and adolescence fell in the mid-2000s perfectly remember the dual image of the nanny – the overly caring robot created by Ping. On the one hand, the nanny mesmerized and made the children cuddle up to the screen, in an attempt to find out what she would do the next second and what kind of bizarre concern she would “benefit” the Smeshariki. Nevertheless, later the robot appears to us in a completely different light – kind and truly, unobtrusively caring.

NA88Y reminds us of the days gone by, when we just started learning about the world around us and the relationships between people. It is noteworthy that some of the life lessons of “Kikoriki” (known in Russia as “Smeshariki”) are relevant in adulthood as well. NA88Y consists of aggressive caring, love of housekeeping and nostalgia.

NA88Y is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the company Riki and the director of brand’s NFT department Faraday. Especially for the NA88Y Faraday, and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies aggressive caring, childhood memories and life lessons learned.

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