META87 is a child of the metamodern. This robot was born a rebel, because any new era begins with a protest against the old world. He is ready to paint over the black lenses of your postmodern glasses through which you read Deleuze and Lyotard to show you the blue sky of New Sincerity. Can you hear the sound behind the technological rattling of doors leading to the era of Internet 2.0? This is the singing of birds of paradise from the angelwave gardens, the splash of water in the blue lacunae of ecofuturism, the melodies of fluid parametric structures and pixel rains. And if you are frozen in postmodern indifference, then META87 came to remind you that it is high time to awaken the pragmatic idealism of the metamodern in yourself!

ḾÈ⍑Å87 * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist, editor-in-chief «METAMODERN» journal Meta Rite. Especially for META87, Meta Rite and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the metamodern’s rebellion.

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