4ST8RRISM. Youth, drive, hip-hop and technology are the main driving forces of 4ST8RRISM. 4ST8RRISM is the ideal tool for broadcasting your ideas in virtual space. To do this, he has everything you need – a stylish shell, a powerful audio system, remote hacking of nearby devices with the ability to publish provocative gifs of thematic content on them. It is ideally equipped for the most daring art propaganda of its values. 4ST8RRISM  strives to bring the ideas of the top artists to a huge audience. It consists of a resonant style, harsh sounds and the best digital gadgets of the modern world.

4ST8RRISM is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with theasterrvn artist. Especially for 4ST8RRISM, theasterrvn and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that personifies uncompromising art propaganda in the virtual world.

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