Z8EV3 is the personification of childish spontaneity and unconventional vision of the world. He is a collection of creations by the Chatex team’s youngest artists who see the image of a robot from an unusual and non-trivial angle. Z8EV3 is a good-natured robot striving to find a common language with everyone, involve everyone around him in games of his own invention and come to the rescue in difficult times. His childish simplicity, openness and openness attracts other robots. In addition, sometimes he utters such wise phrases that adult robots are surprised and listen carefully. Even the most gloomy representatives of the Chatex metaverse cannot resist his charm and smile. It consists of smiles, children’s laughter and an unbiased attitude to the world around us.

Z8EV3 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist Daniil Zuev. Especially for Z8EV3, Daniil Zuev, as well as adult and children Chatex teams, have created an authentic robot that personifies childish spontaneity and openness to the world. The Chatex team would like to express special gratitude for the cooperation and strict adherence to deadlines to 5-year-old Marina, 9-year-old Sasha, 7-year-old Kostya, 6-year-old Eva and 7-year-old Taia.

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