B8R2DA is the personification of the unsteady line between madness, genius, unrecognized and incomprehensible. Several centuries have passed since the presentation of the play “Hamlet” to a wide audience, but debates about the real personality and the motives of the actions committed by the main character of this masterpiece are still ongoing. Who was Hamlet in reality?

An incomprehensible, unhappy, thrashing, abandoned soul or a madman who led to a sad end for all folks around him? B8R2DA again asks us the eternal question: “To be or not to be”, offering to plunge into the abyss of madness, despair and the search for truth together with the main character. He reflects the toughest, most insidious and evil corners of the soul lurking in every person. Are there really any excuses for his actions? Are they dictated by vanity, a thirst for revenge and bloody reprisals, or are they the result of a sick fantasy of an unfortunate, cornered person?

Or maybe Hamlet is actually a misunderstood and unacceptable hero? B8R2DA invites the spectator to find answers to these questions on their own, because there is no unequivocal opinion, and it is unlikely that it will appear in the next hundreds of years. After all, as you know, in the world and in human society everything changes at the same time and nothing changes. B8R2DA consists of eerie imagery, lust for power, and an unfair personal story.

B8R2DA is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Petr Boroda and the NOMADS promo group. Especially for B8R2DA, Petr Boroda, promo group NOMADS and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot personifying one of the most tragic Shakespearean plays.

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