DIGTXLXXX. Despite his rather eclectic and strange appearance, DIGTXLXXX asks important questions of existence. For example, what is the meaning of our life? How to find your way and not go astray while conquering new peaks, not to be tempted to give up everything and do something profitable, and not something close to your heart? DIGTXLXXX answers this question unequivocally: without an inspiring goal, our life would be empty and meaningless. He notes that you need to pilot your path only on your own, without looking back at others. And if there is a co-pilot nearby, then life’s road becomes an even more exciting adventure. DIGTXLXXX consists of a spirit of adventure, free thinking and stereotype denial.

DIGTXLXXX is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Egor Digitax. Especially for DIGTXLXXX, Egor Digitax and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies strange images, independence and a passion to always be yourself.

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