A7I8N – trypophobe’s multi-eyed nightmare. Despite his repulsive appearance, A7I8N easily makes contact with other robots. He is quite friendly and strives to build good relationships with everyone. He inherited such an unusual appearance from his parents – an unidentified robot and a red alien spider. Their romance was short and flamboyant, and A7I8N has become the result of this connection.

For a long time, A7I8N suffered from an identity crisis, not knowing what role he should take in life. But on reflection, I realized that you need to accept yourself as you are, without thinking about labeling yourself. In addition, his features help him better navigate the world around him, since they make it possible to observe the surrounding space from angles that are inaccessible to other people and robots.

It is quite possible that because of this quality, he can give truly non-trivial advice and look at any problem from a completely unexpected angle. He consists of multiple eyes, robotic resilience, and discernment.

A7I8N is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist Vladislav Sheremet. Especially for the A7I8N, Vladislav Sheremet and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the crisis of identity and unsurpassed observation.

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