LXXBVNI is an eclecticism of digital self-expression. LXXBVNI reflects the desire of people to simultaneously hide and show their physical form in the digital space. He is a symbiosis of the biological principle, the art of images and reflections, as well as the avatar of all avatars.

Look at his iridescent lines, passing one into the other, apprise his changing images, do they remind you of our changing, elusive digital reality, in which it is difficult to distinguish truth from fiction? We all live in this space, not knowing exactly where the illusion ends and the real world begins.

LXXBVNI lives in a space of fantasy, picturesque dreams and vivid images. LXXBVNI consists of art, implausible avatars and elusive transitions between dream and reality.

LXXBVNI is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist Rinatto͛ L’bank. Especially for LXXBVNI, Rinatto͛ L’bank and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the synergy of art, fiction and humanity in the digital environment.

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