V72RAT is a burning heart voxel robot that represents what we may face in the next 50-60 years. Just ponder: it is obvious that transhumanism is coming. In a few decades, due to the new possibilities of science, such as the regeneration of organs, body parts and cyborgization, we most likely won’t guess who is in front of us. The metal shell of the object may not say anything.

The new reality, in which everyone can be who and what he or she wants, raises a number of ethical questions. For instance, how will the new society relate to euthanasia and the ability to dispose of their lives at their own discretion? If people achieve immortality by the aforementioned methods, then, for example, would it be possible to consider refusing to carry out a personal “upgrade” by a sophisticated method of suicide? Will death in this new world be absolutely alien, forbidden, simply inconceivable and marginal?

But what, then, is genuine humanity without death? V72RAT does not answer these questions directly, it just makes the viewer think about these and other questions that will inevitably arise in the new era of transhumanism. He consists of a voxel shell and a burning living heart.

V72RAT is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Vsrat. Especially for the V72RAT, Vsrat and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that raises the thorny issues of impending transhumanism.

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