AN6MALITI7 is an Investigator of the space’s depths. He is in search of an alternative universe and expanding his own boundaries and capabilities. AN6MALITI7 is an ardent supporter of anomaly. Anomaly is a universe in which there are simultaneously a large number of elements (Anomalies), each of which is a unique unit.

Together they represent a general picture of the world or space of existence of the elements. Each element exists independently. It has the ability to communicate / complement another element or even several similar elements. Connecting, they create a new independent element and / or are part of the Picture of the World. The method of combining helps to achieve an infinite number of variations. Everything exists in space at the same time separately, while being one whole entity.

The goal of Anomalitism is to demonstrate that individuality, uniqueness, and freedom from all boundaries and stereotypes are the keys to create a better world. AN6MALITI7 focuses on human beings and their endless possibilities, erasing gender and racial identity and showing the critical importance and uniqueness of each.

AN6MALITI7 consists of everything and nothing at the same time, because it is part of one big picture.

AN6MALITI7 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Anomalit Kate. Especially for AN6MALITI7, Anomalit Kate and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies all the units of the general picture of the world.

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