6FACE6. Two-faced robot, which symbolizes the struggle of opposites. Surely each of us thought that two irreconcilable essences often fight in him. One of them personifies all our best qualities and motives, strives for light and prosperity, while the second often pushes us to commit rash and harsh actions, which we can then regret throughout our life.

6FACE6 in this respect is as human as possible: he consists of a light, almost angelic side, as well as of a demonic essence, often taking over his being. His developers accomplished this with code, programming 6FACE6 to do opposite patterns throughout its robotic life. It is noteworthy that he does not try to get rid of any of his parts, knowing full well that all people, and even robots, are shades of gray and existence without one another is impossible.

After all, what would our world be like if there were no shadows in it? 6FACE6 consists of angelic and demonic principles coexisting in harmony.

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