TESLАXIVFX is a robot and Tesla, united into one machine. This synergy has spawned a truly significant character with safety as his top priority. He constantly conducts crash tests in order to make sure that all of his passengers are safe and secure. It is noteworthy that in his image we can grasp the face of the creator of one of the most popular brands of cars in the crypto community.

The core values of TESLАXIVFX are comfort, easy handling and preservation of fossil hydrocarbons for future generations. However, he does not always manage to do everything perfectly, but he never loses heart, considering his failures solely as an opportunity for further growth and improvement of his technologies.

Don’t take TESLАXIVFX too seriously. In the end, this robot is a cartoon, an illusion, striving to make a little ironic over the entire cryptocurrency industry in general, and electric car enthusiasts in particular. After all, the ability to laugh at yourself is an excellent quality that helps you look at yourself from a new perspective.

TESLАXIVFX is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the Tamvfx NFT artist. Especially for TESLАXIVFX, Tamvfx NFT and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the ups and downs of the most famous electric car on the planet.

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